[Chicago] New Venue: The Fixx on Shefield

Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Mon Apr 28 00:15:58 CEST 2008

Hey group:

I am at The Fixx Coffee Bar right now and the owner Gary (CC'd) has  
kindly offered the front portion of his shop for a venue for our May  
8th meeting. He has a sound system, but we would need to find  
projector and screen. The front can comfortably fit 30. He does have  
free wifi.


As far as food, perhaps we can talk him into making some extra salads  
boxes. Or we can just grab something after.

Any objections or thoughts on use of this as our next venue? He said  
he will not be offended if its not a perfect venue. On the other hand,  
he has hosted a lot of different venues in the past ranging from: doll  
collectors, poetry readings, bands, gender activist groups, and all  
sort of things. Perhaps we will be the first group of techie nerds,  
scientist, engineers, and scholars--or whatever we are.

Your thoughts.

Brian Ray
bray at sent.com

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