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Massimo Di Pierro mdipierro at cs.depaul.edu
Mon Apr 28 20:12:05 CEST 2008

You confirmed my point. If it can be done with Pylons, it can be done  
with TG2 and vice versa. JS differences do not really count. Any  
framework can use any JS library. I should add that I like the TG and  
the TG philosophy, web2py follows the same one.

I am only comparing features that are "out of the box". Python is a  
Turing complete language and, therefore, obviously, any framework can  
do everything in principle.

Pre-installed is not the same as "no installation required". Quite  
the opposite I would say. web2py do not even require that you have  

What I mean by zero configuration is not that you do not need to  
configure it. What I mean is that there is no configuration you can  
tweak. There is no framework level parameter that you can change and  
make your applications not portable.


On Apr 28, 2008, at 12:25 PM, isaac wrote:

>> TurboGears (because TG2 is not that  different from Pylons 
>> +SQLAlchemy+Genshi)
> Pretty drastic oversimplification of what's different about them. You
> should do some more research on this one, or just don't say that. For
> example, TG2 has ToscaWidgets and IIRC uses a different default JS lib
> (is it still MochiKit?). (Which you could use w/Pylons or not.). At
> PyCon, Mark Ramm explained it as a philosophical difference -- Pylons
> is to Debian as TG2 is to Ubuntu. -- TG2 makes a lot of default
> choices for you, Pylons lets you pick any components you want.
> Re: web-based DB admin interface:
> I'm not sure that having to add a plug-in or type 'script/generate
> scaffold pizza' is quite the same thing as "no"
> Re: Generic CRUD
> same as previous comment
> Re: Zero Installation
> RoR (and SQLite3) is pre-installed on Macs since Leopard 10.5, so
> that's not true in every situation.
> Re: Zero Configuration
> Considering that the default config files you get with Pylons, RoR,
> and TurboGears (to my knowledge) work immediately without any tweaking
> necessary, this is a very exaggerated claim (I can say from experience
> that you can get pretty far along without ever touching those
> files--not quite to deployment, but almost).
> Re: Templates
> Mako, Genshi, and ERB AFAIK don't *require* any indentation, but you
> can use it if you want to make your templates more readable.
> Re: I18N
> RoR can do it, but it's not built in:
> http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/Internationalization
> What do you mean by "CRUD methods"? Sounds like you mean REST? Anyway,
> Pylons has the same routing ability as RoR ("Routes" is a direct port
> -- see http://routes.groovie.org/), if that's what you mean.
> Included Ajax Lib: Pylons uses WebHelpers, which includes
> Prototype/Scriptaculous (it's an almost-port of Rails' ERB webhelpers:
> mostly the same stuff)
> HTH.
> ---Isaac
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