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bray at sent.com bray at sent.com
Sun Aug 24 23:30:48 CEST 2008

Ok guys, here is my excuse. I have been pre-occupied with my plans to
replace all crappy high-level languages with Python.

For instance, I started with this article and I am suggesting that they
replace the obfuscated  GEMS code with Pretty Python code:


So, far, no luck since I have been unable to form a formal relationship
with the developers on a Sunday--those hacks. But, I will be drowning my
sorrows at Kasey's tavern <http://www.kaseystavern.com/> for the next
couple of hours.

There is no WIFI. Do not ask how I sent this email. Its magic. shhhh (
thank you "Pets").

Ok, now back to what I do best, delegation:

1 meetups

I recall Chris McAvoy was going to take care of this. We want an account
but we want to have control. Chris?

2. create announcement mail list - talk to skip?

Skip (CC'd and also just posted to the list a second ago), if I recall,
you were the one who helped us move our mail list to the Python server.
We would like a separate Announcement only list for Chipy. Is this at
all possible? We would be forever grateful.

3. minutes... of something.

Ummm, I wrote those but lost them.

Here is from memory:

1) we voted to use meetup but only as a sidekick. Trial period 6 months.
Starting last month.  And we want to automate with Python somehow!!?
2) we voted to start an announcement only list. So not to annoy people
with emails that seem off topic, but are more brilliant than first meets
the eye (like this one)
3) we declared ChiPy a group of wondering Gypsies who bow down to no
corporation! unless they want to sponsor the next ChiPy meeting. Google?
4) we like facebook. And Feihong is all over that like flys on poo

4. http://anyvite.com - do this too, even if you only agreed to the
first 3.

Hey wait, Carl. Are you feeling ok? Here are your choices: 1) you tell
us more on what your suggesting, 2) we get on this right away
(bartender) or 3) we drink beer and forget you just said that

5. post the movies I made.

Ummm, the amature home-made ones or the ones of the ChiPy meetings. 
ping me on irc about this. :D



PS. B-r-i-a-n

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