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Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Fri Dec 5 19:47:55 CET 2008

DiPierro, Massimo wrote:
> You may be interested in this...
> http://web2py.appspot.com/t3

Interestingly I've been working on something similar, 
http://pickmywiki.appspot.com -- similar to yours it is meant to allow 
code in pages.  Also all the templates are kept in the wiki itself.  I 
imagine we both found this feasible only because GAE is sandboxed 
already.  I also have an app (that I haven't integrated into PickyWiki 
yet) to store history of pages -- by keeping it in a separate GAE app 
instance you can make safe write-only history, which should mitigate the 
risk of injecting code into the pages.  The history app is only meant to 
work with page content, not arbitrary database content, though I suppose 
arbitrary content would also be possible (especially just using 
.to_xml() -- currently I have a custom way to munge pages into something 
that looks like Atom entries, and that wouldn't be applicable to 
arbitrary database tables).

Couple things:

README in web2py refers to runme.py

Why .tar for plugins and not .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 or .zip?

The WYSIWYG editor is too tall; it would be nice to keep it constrained 
to the height of the window ($(window).height()).

Linking in the WYSIWYG editor isn't working for me; it just defocuses 
the editor.  And you should use Xinha instead of Nicedit, because Xinha 
is cooler.

Search doesn't work for me.

I like that errors in the templates are localized.  I'll have to try 
doing that myself (in PickyWiki the whole page dies if there's any 
problems in any template, which is lame if you have non-programmers 
editing code).

You don't allow page names to include "-", only "_".  You might also 
want to look at the PickyWiki code to autofill the path in Javascript 
(the JS is inline in the edit screen, and is triggered only when you 
create a page).

There are Menu/Public options on the create page that aren't on the edit 

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