[Chicago] What to do about File Like Object methods I don't need...

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Sun Dec 21 20:23:47 CET 2008

Steven Githens wrote:
> Carl Karsten wrote:
>>> - or stub them in and just 'pass'
>> I will hunt you down and make you fix my apps.
>> If I write bad code, I want it to blow up close to where the badness 
>> is.  not 1000's of bytes later which causes me to burn time looking 
>> somewhere else for the error, expanding the scope of my search until I 
>> finely hit the "call/pass" that should have blown up.
> Here's another one:
> flush(      )
>    Flush the internal buffer, like stdio's fflush(). This may be a no-op 
> on some file-like objects.
> I'm assuming that would translate to a flush(self): pass    rather than 
> just no implementation right?

That sounds reasonable, assuming you aren't implementing some buffer that could 
be written to it's target.

Carl K

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