[Chicago] XO for recording PyCon

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Fri Feb 1 21:40:40 CET 2008

Ian Bicking wrote:
> Carl Karsten wrote:
>> I am trying to arrange to record all 108 hours of PyCon audio and video. 
>> assuming I get the desired VGA capture device, I need a box with USB 2 and audio 
>> in.  I can provide an external HD.
>> Is there any reason the XO would not work for this?
> No one has really tried it.  It's not clear if the data could be saved 
> fast enough, or even if the software support is setup for that sort of 
> thing yet (e.g., saving raw files).  This could be pretty hard.
> If you want to try it ahead of time I can lend you a machine.  

cool.  Now if I can get my hands on the VGA capture device.

> But I 
> think it would be more of an interesting experiment than a good way to 
> figure out this particular problem.  The record activity itself really 
> doesn't have any interface to do this sort of thing, though maybe it's 
> possible to install (via yum) whatever is necessary to do this.

It seemed like a handy way to get 5 similar systems.  the pile of laptops I have 
might have worked, until someone said 'we need audio'.

This will be 'fun':
VGA2USB/DVI2USB is compatible with Linux. VGA2USB/DVI2USB driver supports V4L 
(Video4Linux) interface along with specialized interface designed by Epiphan.

Although we provide a Linux SDK (API for driver and examples), we do not provide 
source code for the driver itself. Please contact us if you need a driver 
compiled for a specific kernel version or kernel setting.

Precompiled drivers:

     * version 3.7.32 for Fedora 8,, i686
     * version 3.7.32 for Fedora 7,, i686
     * version 3.7.32 for Ubuntu 2.6.22-14-generic i686


I'll tell them I need it compiled for the XO.  ok, that will be a waste of time.

What do you think I should ask?

Carl K

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