[Chicago] web2py 1.20 is out

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Tue Feb 5 16:42:38 CET 2008

On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 09:07:56PM -0600, Jon Sudlow wrote:
> With all these frameworks out, which one should you use. I'm swamped with
> Django, Ruby on Rails, Turbo Gears, Zope/Plone, when does it end???

It never ends.  There is no possibility of there ever being a perfect
framework - the better one suits a certain class of projects, the worse
it will be for some other projects.  Churn happens.

> Does anyone have any suggestions or experience to argue one framework over
> another?

The framework you want is the one which best suits your needs, modified
perhaps by considerations of the implementation language, supported
deployment methods (conversely, what's supported by the hosting
services you wish/need to run on), how active the development is (or
would you prefer more stability to more new features per year?), ...

For better or worse, Python has a plurality of different-shaped holes
rather than one square one into which all pegs must be pounded.

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