[Chicago] Valentines?

bray at sent.com bray at sent.com
Wed Feb 6 02:24:17 CET 2008

On Tue, 5 Feb 2008 19:03:20 -0600, skip at pobox.com said:
>     Kumar> how about we invite our significant others?  problem solved!
> Oh yeah, just what my wife wants to do on Valentine's Day...
> Skip

My wife would come to ChiPy meetings in its early stages. And I bet, she
is still on this list... Hi Honey, love you! BTW, do you want to come to
another ChiPy Meeting that happens to fall on Valentines day?

On second thought, Lets reschedule to date.  If we do, I promise to
video record. Otherwise, I may not make it there.

Brian Ray
bray at sent.com

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