[Chicago] will ChiPy be videorecorded again?

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Wed Feb 6 05:45:16 CET 2008

Tim Wee wrote:
> I've been assigned to a West Coast project, so won't be able to go, but 
> I really like the topics for this month's ChiPy.

Very likely.  I am using the meeting as a trial run for recording 100 hours of 
PyCon.  The speaker will have a mic strapped to his head, the audience will be 
nudged to use the audience mic, the vga will be captured in it's native res, a 
video camera will record the live action and also be patched into the sound 
board.  the vga stream will also have an audio track, for both redundancy and to 
help sync the 2 streams when someone spends a few hours at the editing helm.

Carl K

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