[Chicago] PyCon BeerBoF

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Wed Feb 6 22:31:20 CET 2008

Anthony Rubin wrote:
> There are also a lot of bars in Chicago with great beer selections. At
> the top of the list is Hopleaf. Map Room would be a close second, and
> they have a better beer selection, but Hopleaf has amazing food.
> Unfortunately Hopleaf is not close to the blue line. Map Room isn't
> far from the Western stop. Map Room also isn't terribly far from
> Piece. That entire area has plenty of bars and is probably your best
> bet.

The Hopleaf is also *tiny* (and already really crowded).  What if 100 
people show up for this?  That doesn't seem like an unreasonable number; 
PloneConf (300ish attendees) had a bar hop and I think there was at 
least 40 people who came.

If there are enough decent places by the Western stop (Western on the 
Blue Line, I assume you mean) then that could be good.  Ideally we could 
provide people with directions and a list of bars, and then people can 
get there on their own in small groups (coordinating travel for more 
than a small group of people is pretty impossible too).  If we encourage 
people to wear Python clothing then people can find each other.

I think we need a list of bars too, since if you don't know the streets 
at all you are just as likely to wander off down a residential street as 
you are to get to the next bar.


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