[Chicago] Give me some restaurant & Chicago info inputs

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sat Feb 16 03:02:26 CET 2008

Anyone want to help?  If so, drop me a note (skip at pobox.com) or give me a
call (847-971-7098) over the weekend.

Okay, on the ChiPy list Chris McAvoy wrote:

    We have a mission.  For Pycon, there's going to be a "publication,"
    which sounds mysterious, but is actually just going to be a program.
    We've been asked to supply two things, 1) About Chicago and 2) Local
    Restaurants and Tourist Spots.

    We've had a gajillion of these discussions before, so pull out your
    lists and respond to this email.  Tom Tobin and Sheila Kay (without her
    knowing, hi Sheila!) have volunteered to pull the emails together into a
    coherent lump, which will then be universally credited to ChiPy.

    Does this make sense?  Start suggesting.

I'm going to try to take another crack at this over the weekend.  From you
ChiPy types, send me some info.  From non-Chicago PyCon types, if you have
any opinions about what sort of info you'd like to see, let me know.

To stimulate your thoughts, here's what we have so far on the PyCon website:


Some questions for the out-of-towners:

    * Do you care about cheap eats?  What about the four-star joints
      (e.g. Charlie Trotter's)?  What about "icons" like Pizzeria Uno, Harry
      Caray's or Ed Debevic's (all of which I suspect most locals would
      steer clear of)?
    * Do you plan to do any siteseeing?  What's your taste?  Museums (we
      have a ton)?  Normal gawker stuff (Sears Tower, Navy Pier, Michigan
    * Transportation info - getting around by car? by CTA (bus & rail)?


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