[Chicago] PyCon first timer

Mike Ferrari mikeferrari8 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 18:11:11 CET 2008

I am a lurker on this list, been playing with python for a little while,
just signed up for the PyCon and a couple tutorials. I just wanted to thank
all the local ChiPy folks for doing all the hard work and organizing the
conference. Its a huge monumental task and a ton of strain and deserves a
great big pat on the back. Its awesome that you all could get together and
create a great opportunity for noobs like me to get our feet wet, learn
something and meet and greet some cool people.

So, Thanks A Ton!

I am a big fan of great beer for the PyBeerBoF folks, but whenever i am in
that neighborhood (on River Road) i have to stop in and have a Singapore
Sling or a Hurricane at one of the
premier Tiki Bars in the nation, Hala Kahiki. This place has been around
forever and is one of the last great tiki bars in the nation... just down
the road from the hotel. http://www.hala-kahiki.com/  although, it does get
pretty crowded.

Thanks, and see some of you there.



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