[Chicago] PyCon practice day

Kumar McMillan kumar.mcmillan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 17:23:22 CET 2008

On Feb 20, 2008 9:35 AM, Carl Karsten <carl at personnelware.com> wrote:
> So, who wants to give their presentation, and when?
> Thursday seems like a good choice.  We can start earlier (6?), especially if we
> get more than 2 speakers.  If we get 10, we can start at 8am and go all day.
> Not sure how many people will show up, but camera will be rolling, so come on down!

I'm in.

Unicode in Python, Completely Demystified

This talks aims to make every single last person in the audience
understand exactly how to write Unicode-aware applications in Python.
If necessary, we will move to a Birds of Feather gathering, to the
bar, to your hotel room, I'll start hanging around your cube at work
-- whatever it takes -- until you completely "get it." But it's really
simple so bring an open mind, a notepad, and get ready to create
bullet proof Python software that can read and write text in Arabic,
Russian, Chinese, Klingon, et cetera. As a citizen of the Python
community you have the responsibility of creating Unicode-aware


It is for beginner and advanced programmers, especially those who use
brute force or panic-driven unicode problem solving :)  In other
words, if you have "fixed" unicode errors but weren't sure exactly
how, this talk is definitely for you.

Also, due to the 4-track conference this year, by attending the
practice talk you would gain the option to see one of following
exciting talks at the real PyCon which conflict with mine:

- 037 I Developing reusable Django applications (James Bennett)
- 089 I (45min) Don't call us, we'll call you: callback patterns and
idioms in Python (Alex Martelli)
- 005 B (45min) Getting started with test-driven development. (Mr.
Jonathan Hartley)

Carl, unless we get crowded with talks, can we do a 7pm start?  I have
to travel from Evanston after work but I am flexible if that is too
late.  Any Thursday should work for me.  Next Thursday would be
optimal but I can do tomorrow I suppose.


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