[Chicago] March Chipy Meeting

Rob Kapteyn robkapteyn at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 16:02:30 CET 2008

You are right.
I'll withdraw my proposal.

There are lots of people who will be there but won't do the tutorials,  
because they are too expensive.
I skipped them last year (and later regretted it).

I had just registered, and I noticed that more of the best tutorials  
are the evening ones.
(I'll be late to the ChiPy meeting ;-)

Apologies to the list,

On Feb 21, 2008, at 6:36 AM, Pete wrote:

> On Thursday February 21 2008 12:17:10 am Rob Kapteyn wrote:
>> I think it might make sense if the ChiPy group got together ***for
>> presentations*** on another day.
>> Thursday, March 13, is the PyCon tutorial day and the Evening Session
>> runs from 6:10 PM to 9:30 PM.
>> I don't think we should do our own presentations in conflict with the
>> PyCon schedule.
> Conflicts are par for the Pycon course.  Heck, there are 4  
> simultaneous tracks
> of talks in the conference proper. Having the meeting concurrent  
> with Pycon
> to be a way of adding some more local, organizing UG flavor to the  
> event,
> which is why we were so keen on hosting to begin with (no offense  
> Dallas).
> Also, Thursday night would give early-arrivers something to do,  
> besides
> sitting around the hotel room watching WGN.  Finally, for those  
> Chicagoans
> not attending Pycon (shame!) it's a chance to mingle with out-of- 
> towners and
> get a taste of what they're missing.
>> I think that ChiPy activities on Thursday evening should be dedicated
>> to convention organizing -- goody bags, etc.
> I think we're more likely to *get* people to the venue in the first  
> place if
> we have a meeting, than if we simply say "please come help". Just  
> trying to
> be realistic.
>> I propose that we do a regular ChiPy meeting with presentations on  
>> the
>> Thursday AFTER PyCon -- March 20th.
>> That would have given us just enough time to recover, but not enough
>> time to have lost the convention buzz ;-)
> It'd also run up into the sprints.  Dunno if you've ever stayed for  
> the
> sprints, but by the time I left last year, I was exahusted -  
> "recovered" is
> about the last word I'd used for it.  Sprints aside, folks are more  
> likely to
> be python'd-out by the next week - I'd worry that it wouldn't happen  
> at all.
> Also, I won't be in town then. ;-)
>> On second thought -- maybe we want to meet on Wednesday, the day
>> before PyCon.
>> We might still attract some of the early out-of-towners and get our
>> goody bags done early.
> Because, y'know, all our locals won't have enough last-minute work  
> to do. ;-)
> There are going to be a lot more people in town the night before the
> conference (Thurs.) than two days before - companies tend to view  
> this as a
> business trip.
> Finally, fwiw, the Pycon organizers I've already spoken to were cool  
> with
> having the meeting as scheduled.
> --Pete
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