[Chicago] March Chipy Meeting

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Thu Feb 21 19:13:07 CET 2008

On Thursday February 21 2008 12:29:50 pm Ian Bicking wrote:
> DeanG wrote:
> > Is there any interest in devoting part of this meeting to a Q&A and/or
> > Retrospective of a successful Python User Group?
> I also don't know if ChiPy can shine a whole lot of light on the matter
> -- the group seems to do fairly well despite our organizational
> abilities, not because of it.

Heh, yeah.  Our recipe seems to be:

1. Mailing list
2. Chicago awesomeness
3. Profit!

Seriously tho, this came up in conversation at Pycon last year, and reflects a 
trend I've noticed about volunteer organizations here in general.  We just 
tend to do things bigger and better.  Maybe it's the blue-collar work ethic, 
or a talk-less-do-more attitude.  I dunno.

I mean really, it doesn't take much to get Chipy buttons made, for example.  
Someone comes up with an idea & a design, and then there are buttons.  
Adhocracy at it's finest.

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