[Chicago] PyCon practice Confirmed: Thurs 28 7pm

Anthony Rubin anthony.r.rubin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 23:21:45 CET 2008

There is a cafeteria in the hotel right across the hall from the
conference room we we were in last time.

Exit the train, walk down the stairs, walk through the turnstiles and
out the glass doors. Turn to your left and follow the sidewalk until
you hit the sidewalk along River Road. Turn left and walk south along
River Road. You will have to cross both an exit and an entrance ramp
to the expressway; be careful. When you hit Bryn Mawr you will want to
cross River Road; the Sprint building is on the corner. As you walk
south you will pass the Sofitel, Embassy Suites and the Doubletree
before coming to the Crown Plaza. Once you enter the hotel turn to
your right to access the conference rooms. Last time there was a sign
straight ahead as you entered the hall that listed which room the
Python meeting was in.

The CTA station is at 5801 N. River Rd. and the hotel is at 5440 N.
You will end up walking about 3.5 blocks south which is just under
half a mile (Chicago blocks are still accurate in Rosemont from what
I've found).

Anthony Rubin
Chicago, IL

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 3:57 PM, Feihong Hsu <hsu.feihong at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Alright, I guess I'll do the .NET talk.
>  What room are we meeting in, exactly? Also, for people who have
>  already been there, what's a good place to loiter in if I get there
>  early?
>  I will be taking the CTA. After the trip, I'll write up a nicer set
>  of directions to post to the conference website.
>  - Feihong
>  --- Carl Karsten <carl at personnelware.com> wrote:
>  > We are good to go.
>  >
>  > Where: http://us.pycon.org - If you can't figure it out, file a bug
>  > report
>  > When: Thurs Feb 28 7pm
>  > Who: anyone who wants to show up, asking questions is encouraged.
>  > What: get a taste of PyCon:
>  >
>  > Kumar - Unicode in Python, Completely Demystified
>  > Feihong - 103 B "Using .NET Libraries in CPython" or part of our
>  > tutorial.
>  >
>  > Anyone else?  (I know someone at the Feb14 meeting said they were
>  > interested.
>  > hope my email server didn't eat the message.)
>  >
>  > Feihong, I suggest doing your session talk, just because the 30 min
>  > limit is
>  > harder to fit, and practicing will help, or something like that.  I
>  > am sure you
>  > are going to run out of time on your tutorial too, but after 2+
>  > hours of high
>  > bandwidth awesomeness, I think most will be saturated.
>  >
>  > Cark K
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