[Chicago] Good Tech Bookstores in Chicagoland?

Phil Robare verisimilidude at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 21:32:44 CET 2008

Although it is still good, and given the poor competition one of the
best, the book department at MicroCenter on Elston has been
reconfigured and diminished.  About 6 months ago half the bookstore
was taken over and made into the game console section.  At the same
time the range of books was cut way back.  I always had problems with
them in that there seemed to be few staff that cared about the books -
they were often hard to find and no one seemed to weed out the out of
date stuff.  A book on Java 1.4 might be found on one aisle and on the
next aisle a book on the latest and greatest of some new Java library.
 Now they seem to stock more of the 'latest version of X' type books
and a lot less of the theoretical and engineering books that they used
to stock.  There is another one out in the Oak Brook / Downers Grove
area (Westmont actually) but I haven't been out there in over 2 years.

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