[Chicago] PyCon (housing)

Christian Long christianzlong at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 10 17:05:06 CET 2008

Mike Orr wrote:
> I'm thinking that a lot of people will want to stay a few extra days
> in Chicago, and if any locals are willing to put us up during or
> around the conference, it would be a chance to cut expenses and also
> increase cameraderie/collaboration.  It's what we do at other events
> (e.g., the wrestling weekends I attend).  Have the Chicago Pythoneers
> thought about doing this as a group?  I realize we need to fill our
> quota of hotel reservations but I assume that won't be any problem.

A hearty +1 to this suggestion.  I'd be happy to staff tables & run
cables in exchange.  My employer will pay for a few days at the hotel,
but not the full monty.

Speaking of camaraderie, are there any gaming sessions scheduled?  There
must be a few Board Game Geeks tm among you.  Or is there simply not
time for such frivolity with so much Python to digest?


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