[Chicago] PyCon (housing)

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Thu Jan 10 18:34:33 CET 2008

Carl Karsten wrote:
>> One difficulty, though, can be transportation (and coordinating 
>> transportation).  For instance there's no very direct way from my place 
>> to the venue (well, I guess a bus and a train isn't so bad, but it takes 
>> a while).
> how long is a while?  Is it enough that someone wouldn't bother sprinting?  If 
> it makes or breaks someone sprinting, I would be up for helping with 
> transportation.  but only during the sprints.  I'm probably not going to leave 
> the hotel during the main event.

It's not that long of a trip, I guess; but if I have guests I just don't 
want to have to coordinate leaving at the same time as them each evening 
(probably mornings would be easy).

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