[Chicago] PyCon (games)

DeanG goodmansond at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 19:51:27 CET 2008

Regarding PyCon ad-hoc socializing around board games...

Mayfair Games, based in Skokie, may be interested in supporting this
effort.  Loaner games, Sponsorship, discount coupons, ...


About Page contacts:
PR Inquiries?
Direct To: Guido Teuber
gteuber at mayfairgames.com
Phone: 510-315-1978
Fax: 510-903-1496

Sales and Marketing Inquiries?
Direct To: Bob Carty
sales at mayfairgames.com
Phone: 813-707-6659
Fax: 813-707-8791


Over Christmas I learned of this company and their excellent
Train/Rail and Card games. They're likely most well known for the
Settlers of Catan series.

- Dean

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