[Chicago] Lightning talk at tonight's meeting?

Jono ebjono at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 21:02:55 CET 2008

Hello Chipy members,
I know it's the last minute, but I'm wondering if I could sign up to
do a lightning talk at tonight's Chipy meeting.  The subject is
"making video games with kids"; I want to briefly show off a cheesy
game I made with pyglet* to entertain my 7-year-old sister; she did
all the artwork for it.  It's really cute.

* no, it doesn't have any bees in it.  Yet.

Also, I'd volunteer for organizing board-gaming sessions at PyCon; I
have a lot of board games I can volunteer to bring as well.

--Jono DiCarlo, Humanized, Inc.

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