[Chicago] Last ChiPy Meeting

Tim Ottinger tottinge at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 16:59:31 CET 2008

My interleaved comments are all gush and mush, so the hurried reader can 
ignore them.
OTOH, this is the impression of a python programmer at his first meeting.

Feihong Hsu wrote:
> I had a few impressions I wanted to share with everyone:
> - I don't attend ChiPy meetings for the free food, but I was
> pleasantly surprised by the spread. Thanks, Robert!
It was my first meeting and I was shocked and awed, if you pardon the 
> - We forgot to do "roll call", where everybody introduces himself
> with his name and workplace/interests/favorite module. I don't think
> it's a big deal for regulars, but it definitely has a benefit to
> newcomers: they can match names on the mailing list with actual
> faces, and they can learn about what companies in the area are using
> Python. Plus it's just a good ice breaker, period.
I could have met you.  I'm sorry I did not.
> - With PyCon right around the corner, I think we can expect a higher
> attendance in February (maybe not as many as last night, but higher
> than usual). I know that what motivated me to attend my first ChiPy
> meeting (last year) was that I wanted to meet some people before I
> went to my first PyCon. This might also be true for other first-time
> registrants of PyCon.
I intend to attend more of them, and may even start an extreme NW burbs 
PUG to keep this going.

I also wanted to thank the presenters. While I have  been doing python 
for a while, it seems that some of them are having more fun than me.  I 
think I want more fun, too.  It's a good reason to come back again and 

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