[Chicago] [PyCON-Organizers] Ideas for Pycon

David Goodger goodger at python.org
Fri Jan 11 23:58:31 CET 2008

[Rob Kapteyn]
> In the bar after the ChiPy meeting, some of us stumbled upon some ideas
> for PyCon activities.
> Normally, St. Patrick's Day is on March 17, but we discovered that for
> 2008, St. Patrick's Day is officially moved to Saturday, March 15 --
> during PyCon !

And those who really enjoy their green beer will doubtless celebrate on both
days. ;-)

I encourage the ChiPy members to organize events like this.
Who will take the title of "Social Coordinator"?

-- David

> 1. Since St. Patrick is reputed to have driven the snakes out of Ireland
> -- we have a great party theme ;-)
> 2. Any brave volunteers want to dress up as St. Patrick and his entourage ?
> 3. We know that Chicago is one of the world's greatest places to
> celebrate this holiday -- is there there a place near the hotel that we
> should recommend ?
> We should be careful not to go overboard.
> We don't want to offend anyone and we want to maintain a *somewhat*
> professional image for the conference.
> Unfortunately, the dyeing of the Chicago River and the parade conflict
> with the conference schedule, but it is something that spouses would be
> interested in:
> http://www.saintpatricksdayparade.com/chicago/
> -Rob

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