[Chicago] Talk proposal for Feb: mapping

Paul Smith paulsmith at pobox.com
Sun Jan 20 03:44:26 CET 2008

I'd like to propose a talk for the February meeting. I've been working
with various mapping libraries with Python support lately and it's a
maturing field. The U of MN's Mapserver project has had Python
bindings for a few years, and now there's an upstart in Mapnik that
gaining ground. When you couple the ability to render maps in your
application with UI libraries like OpenLayers, it all adds up to a
pretty powerful combination for presenting geospatial data over the

If there's any interest in this topic, I'd like to give a quick
tutorial in setting up a mapping solution from scratch with Mapnik,
Django, and OpenLayers.

Looking forward to the meeting and to PyCon,


Paul Smith

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