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Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 21:27:47 CET 2008

Dear ChiPy folks,

As your PyCon publicity coordinator, allow me to nag you once more for
help with making Chicago's PyCon monumentally successful.  I need your
help in finding -

Local and regional industry and business publications.  Here in
Dayton, we've got a monthly newsletter called "Technology First" that
covers the local IT industry.  If Dayton's got one, Chicago's GOT to
have one.  Please point me to it... or them!

How about those artsy freebie magazines that you always pick up in
coffeehouses?  They may be interested in the "tie-dyed free-love open
source movement conquers the world" angle of Python, and thus PyCon's
presence as worthy news.  Then we can suck some local artsy types into
PyCon, and not have such a crummy time getting PyCon artwork made next
year.  :)  So point me to those, as well.

Where else?  What am I missing, media-wise?  (There will be a whole
separate push to promote PyCon in the colleges, etc. nearby... I'll
ask you about that shortly, too.)

Finally - this is a biggie - if anybody has any *personal* contacts
with anybody in one of those publications, or any other local media
outlet (TV, Chicago Tribune, etc.), please let me know!

- Catherine
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