[Chicago] Publicizing PyCon kit available

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 21:44:56 CET 2008

Hi, Chicago folks!  Hopefully this email is a redundant nuisance,
because hopefully you read the PyCon blog ( http://pycon.blogspot.com/
) religiously.  However, just in case...

The "Publicizing PyCon" kit has been posted!  It's time to let people
know about PyCon!

PyCon has always relied on the community to get the word out. This
year, we've put together a "Publicizing PyCon" page under the "Helping
Out" section of the PyCon website, at


It includes

    * Blog badges
    * Sample announcement emails
    * A poster/flyer to print out
    * A slide to drop into live presentations

Now is the perfect time to spread the word - registration is open, and
early-bird rates are available through Feb. 20. Thanks for your help!

- Catherine
*** PyCon 2008 * Chicago * March 13-20 * us.pycon.org ***

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