[Chicago] BARcamp 2008

Jason Rexilius jason at hostedlabs.com
Mon Jul 21 19:56:14 CEST 2008

Hey Everyone!

   Its time for BARcamp Chicago 2008!  Last years was great and this 
year will be even better.

   A quick intro for those who dont know:  BARcamp Chicago as a weekend 
long (60 hours straight) technology fest.  People call it an 
"un-conference" or a "user-defined conference" or a "Burning Man for 
coding".  It happens once a year here in Chicago and is free to all. 
Come give a talk, listen, learn, code and drink.

FYI- BARcamp is not about bar's but a play on FOO=BAR and Oreillys 
private camp called FoO camp (Friends of Oreilly) in the Valley.

   We are shooting for the weekend of August 15th, but here is the rub. 
  (like every year) we need to find a venue.  Requirements for space are:

1) In Chicago

2) Open for use the whole weekend, 24 hours a day.

3) Allow beer and drinks (most colleges dont).

4) Room for ~300 people.

   We have event insurance and can chip in cash if our sponsors are good 
to us this year ;-)

   And as always, sponsors are welcome.  We have no prospectus or ROI or 
anything and no set amounts.  If you are start-up chip in $50 or 
whatever you can spare, if you are further along, help out the community ;-)

   Its really about YOU, the engineer, the entrepreneur, the manager, 
the hacker, the coder, the artist.  YOU the Chicago Tech community.

   Come make it happen and like the previous years, have a blast!

   If you want to keep up with it, you can join the mailing list:

   send email to: barcamp-unsubscribe at corp.hostedlabs.com?Subject=subscribe

   Or check out the wiki:


   Feel free to ping me with questions, suggestions, offers of help ;-)


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