[Chicago] [Flourish] Framework Rumble

Tom Tobin korpios at korpios.com
Wed Jun 18 18:30:58 CEST 2008

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 11:16 AM, Massimo Di Pierro
<mdipierro at cs.depaul.edu> wrote:
> I find the personal offense not necessary. Anyway.... I think this issue is
> relevant to the Python users group because members of the group were there,
> some as jusgdes, I felt I was representing some pyrhon users (against the
> PHP community and the Ruby community, in a sportive sense), and I would
> appreciate if they could say something.
> They organized an event, only one person participated, somebody did not like
> this, and now they are saying it did not happen. I am not asking them to say
> that web2py won or that web2py is better than other frameworks. I agree the
> Rumble was a failure from this point of view. I do not blame members from
> other frameworks for not participating.
> I would have left this alone if they had not emailed everybody yesterday
> pointing to that web page.

The breach of "netiquette" here on your part was mass-mailing so many
people, and this list, with an identical message that amounted to a
personal grievance with lots of "tacked on" supporting material.  I
feel a better way of handling this would have been to individually
mail each concerned party and explain your grievance in a fashion
tailored to that party.  In the case of this mailing list, a short
message with a request to contact you for more information might have

> BTW. have we ever met? I mean personally. I will be happy to offer you a
> coffee any day and perhaps I can convince you that you are wrong. Or perhaps
> you can explain me what I have done to upset you so much. I do not feel I
> have, I am a bit surprised, and I am willing to do something to improve my
> relations with you and other people who may feel like you.

I was a jerk in my first reply; I do apologize again.  I could have
said the same thing in a different tone (as above), but allowed my
anger to cloud my better judgment.  If I am annoyed with your actions,
it falls upon me to clearly and calmly communicate exactly what I find
wrong with your actions, and *not* to tear off in a tirade.

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