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> Date: June 18, 2008 11:43:34 PM CDT
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> Subject: rumble results clarification
> Hi Massimo!
> Please feel free to pass on this clarification to all the people you
> cc'ed and bcc'ed on your original email, since you didn't contact us
> first before sending it out to dozens of people.
> * You were the only entrant in the Rumble, due to the scheduling
> constraints of the conference.  So in our opinion, it wasn't much of a
> rumble.  Can't have a contest with only one participant!  :)   Since
> it would have been kind of stupid in our opinion to do a write-up on a
> contest with ONE entrant, we treated your volunteer project as one of
> the Hack-a-thon projects for *that paragraph.*
> * The paragraph you're quoting was a very brief statement for the  
> post-
> Flourish wrap-up article.  Again, we did *not* go into a lot of detail
> about the logistics of the Rumble *in that paragraph*.
> Anyway, if you had looked at the actual C4aC page with the *full
> writeup* (linked IN the paragraph you quoted), you would have seen
> this:
> "An Online Survey Management and Reporting Tool - Finally, an online
> survey management and reporting tool was built with Web2Py, a python-
> based framework. The application, developed in only a few hours,
> satisfied many of the survey tool's original requirements and was well
> received by Hack-a-thon attendees."
> I'm not sure if you saw that.  If you're upset because you're not
> mentioned by name, I'll be happy to contact the Flourish organizers on
> your behalf and request that they add "by Massimo Di Pierro" to the
> second sentence.
> * As far as we're concerned, since there were no other contestants,
> you did a cool prototype to show off your framework in the spirit of
> free software.  If you send over a tarball of the source code, as we
> requested, we can post it on the site for use by nonprofits or
> others.
> * We tried to contact you multiple times via email to claim your
> participation prize - it was an O'Reilly book, the same prize that all
> participants received.  Sorry you didn't respond to those emails; I
> believe the unclaimed books were donated by O'Reilly to another group
> by now.
> * Finally - this was supposed to be a fun little event to let
> framework devs show off their frameworks to other framework devs, all
> in the spirit of Free Software and helping nonprofit organizations.
> We definitely didn't intend to make you look like "a liar" and we
> *certainly* would never want someone to neglect their family over a
> little contest like this.
> Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss this further,
> and again, feel free to send this clarification on to everyone who got
> your original email.
> Thanks again for participating in the event, and best of luck with
> your framework.
> -Jim
> Jim Craner, Managing Partner
> Chicago Technology Cooperative

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