[Chicago] [Flourish] Framework Rumble

Dave Chakrabarti dc at chicagotech.org
Thu Jun 19 06:53:30 CEST 2008

Hi Massimo!

Please feel free to pass on this clarification to all the people you
cc'ed and bcc'ed on your original email, since you didn't contact us
first before sending it out to dozens of people.

* You were the only entrant in the Rumble, due to the scheduling
constraints of the conference.  So in our opinion, it wasn't much of a
rumble.  Can't have a contest with only one participant!  :)   Since
it would have been kind of stupid in our opinion to do a write-up on a
contest with ONE entrant, we treated your volunteer project as one of
the Hack-a-thon projects for *that paragraph.*

* The paragraph you're quoting was a very brief statement for the post-
Flourish wrap-up article.  Again, we did *not* go into a lot of detail
about the logistics of the Rumble *in that paragraph*.

Anyway, if you had looked at the actual C4aC page with the *full
writeup* (linked IN the paragraph you quoted), you would have seen

"An Online Survey Management and Reporting Tool - Finally, an online
survey management and reporting tool was built with Web2Py, a python-
based framework. The application, developed in only a few hours,
satisfied many of the survey tool's original requirements and was well
received by Hack-a-thon attendees."

I'm not sure if you saw that.  If you're upset because you're not
mentioned by name, I'll be happy to contact the Flourish organizers on
your behalf and request that they add "by Massimo Di Pierro" to the
second sentence.

* As far as we're concerned, since there were no other contestants,
you did a cool prototype to show off your framework in the spirit of
free software.  If you send over a tarball of the source code, as we
requested, we can post it on the site for use by nonprofits or

* We tried to contact you multiple times via email to claim your
participation prize - it was an O'Reilly book, the same prize that all
participants received.  Sorry you didn't respond to those emails; I
believe the unclaimed books were donated by O'Reilly to another group
by now.

* Finally - this was supposed to be a fun little event to let
framework devs show off their frameworks to other framework devs, all
in the spirit of Free Software and helping nonprofit organizations.
We definitely didn't intend to make you look like "a liar" and we
*certainly* would never want someone to neglect their family over a
little contest like this.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss this further,
and again, feel free to send this clarification on to everyone who got
your original email.

Thanks again for participating in the event, and best of luck with
your framework.


Jim Craner, Managing Partner
Chicago Technology Cooperative

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