[Chicago] MeetUp

Michael H Buselli cosine at cosine.org
Thu Jun 26 07:30:33 CEST 2008

On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 21:54:47 CDT, Brian Ray wrote:

> Should we consider using MeetUp again?  At the very beginning we used  
> it but nobody wanted to pay.
> Do not get me wrong, I think our anarchical methodologies work for us  
> 80% of the time. Its the other 20% I wish to capture. And I do not  
> like structure beyond what is enforceable by whitespace.

MeetUp is kind of evil.  It works well for a while, and then when you
get around to developing your own application to replace it (someone?),
MeetUp won't let you notify everyone that you've moved to another site.
Instead, MeetUp tells those that didn't get the memo offline that the
group is dying, and they need to pay up the dues to save it.  Some poor
guy will probably fall for their bait, send them cash, and end up
supporting nothing at all.

So if you're okay with that... sure.  It is probably better than

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