[Chicago] Next meeting...So far

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Sat Nov 1 19:54:40 CET 2008

Christopher Allan Webber wrote:
> Brian Ray <bray at sent.com> writes:
>> I still liked it when we did a module of a month. We need to get back
>> to basics and welcome newcomers.  Do not fear presenting on something
>> really simple. Just keep things lively.  Ever thing about giving a
>> presentation on one particular language feature?
> I could give a super basic intro to using optparse for parsing command
> line arguments.  Prolly wouldn't last more than 5-10 minutes. :)

Please do, just to reduce the amount of code littered with sys.argv[x]s.

personally, I think if you just show:

  parser.add_option("-x", "--width",
                type="int", default="640",
                help="Capture width [%default]", )

you will prevent anyone from ever using argv again, and I will be happy.

Carl K

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