[Chicago] [ANN] ChiPy November Meeting Thursday the 13th at DePaul

Feihong Hsu hsu.feihong at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 20:49:18 CET 2008

Depending on how deep you want to go, you won't be able to avoid talking about the JVM, and how to interface with Java libraries. But I think that is fine. It's the environment that Jython runs in, and one of its greatest strengths.

I think an interesting Jython-related talk might be to present something that's easy to do with Jython but difficult to do in CPython. For example, show us how to make an applet using Jython. 

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> oh, my bad. Next month then?
> Unless someone wants to tackle this one (Stackless) or something along
> lines. Really anything run-time oriented would be a good fit: psyco,
> ...
> Anyone, Anyone, Bueller, Bueller...
> :)

Not this month, maybe not next, maybe I could show something on
jython. I want to be careful not to talk Java too much, so I may
decide never to present if I find I can't avoid it.

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