[Chicago] Image Processing and Symbol Recognition

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Microsoft's (free) Tablet PC SDK handles basic shape recognition. You can interface with it using either Python for .NET or IronPython. Windows only, of course. Though the tablet libraries can be used even if you don't own a tablet PC. If you are using Windows Vista I believe everything is already included in the operating system, no need for the separate download.

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Subject: [Chicago] Image Processing and Symbol Recognition
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Long time lurker, first time poster.

I want to write a script that takes an image as an input, and outputs the name
of the shape contained in it.

>> python image_proc.py square.jpg

>> python image_proc.py circle.jpg

The long term goal is to move beyond recognizing basic shapes into recognizing
more complex binary color symbols.

I have been looking into using Gamera, SciPy, and Pyro (so far Gamera looks the
most promising).  Does anyone have insights in this field?

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