[Chicago] DVCS Workflows?

James Snyder jbsnyder at fanplastic.org
Mon Nov 17 17:47:50 CET 2008

I was thinking a bit about the revision control workflows discussion  
that had come up during the last meeting, and while a survey of some  
sort is probably a good idea, I have some related thoughts, and a  
question or two.

Central repository tools like SVN seem to be somewhat common in  
working environments where there's an organization or company backing/ 
organizing development.  Are there any out there that are using  
distributed version control tools like git while working on projects  
like this, with a DVCS being the primary tool both locally and for the  
"official" version of the code?

I pretty much exclusively use git, but frequently I'm using it as a  
way to talk to a centralized SVN repo (whether read-only to check out  
latest development sources or read-write).  In these cases, I'm  
basically using git because it allows me to have a local, rather well  
compressed, full history of a project.  I sometimes end up using it  
for easy local branching of things in a way I might not do with a  
local SVN client, but otherwise I don't use it that much differently  
for subversion while interacting with these types of projects.

Where git usage differs, for me, from svn usage is on projects I've  
started myself, or if someone's using git for an "official" version of  
a project.  I really like the ability to really cheaply create a  
repository when I start working on something, and periodically commit  
locally to it so that if something breaks horribly I've always got the  
history, and I've got it locally, and I don't have to be online to  
talk with a server.  This has gotten to the point where I will make a  
repo for almost any code I'm messing with as long as I may come back  
to it at some point.  I would never do this with subversion, even  
though technically I could make a local repo and commit to it.

Is anyone doing anything more interesting with DVCS tools?

Related:  There is a python git library available here (port of ruby  
grit library): http://blog.michaeltrier.com/2008/5/8/gitpython

James Snyder
jbsnyder at fanplastic.org
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