[Chicago] DVCS Workflows?

Cosmin Stejerean cstejerean at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 20:39:00 CET 2008

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 12:15 PM, Martin Maney <maney at two14.net> wrote:

> > GitHub have been able to easily layer social networking on top to track
> > connections between contributors.
> Github has its points, but it totally ignores anything that isn't just
> another file checked in to a git repository.  The "social aspects"
> seems mostly hype to me, but maybe I'm missing something - seems to be
> nothing much more than displaying what [github only?] repo is your
> "origin" or upstream.

Github's social features only work when other forks are also on Github. The
github gem which gives you a command line utility by the same name provides
some features that I think make Github even more interesting, like showing
you any other forks of the project that have commits that you don't. This
really enables a truly distributed way to hack on an open source project
because I don't have to wait for the main project to accept patches, and I
also don't need to resort to the manual process of tracking down interesting
patches on websites and mailing lists and having to main them locally

Also, the ability to watch a project you're interested in and having their
commits show up in your news feed is pretty neat, and a good way to follow
what's new in a project you find interesting.

Cosmin Stejerean
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