[Chicago] encrypting 5gb files?

drunkenbatman lists at drunkenblog.com
Thu Nov 27 23:23:50 CET 2008

> I was wondering if somebody could suggest a fast encryption algorithm
> that I could use to encrypt 5gb files.

GPG as part of your workflow is just as easy (encrypt out with your 
key), but if sending something to someone and don't want to have to 
explain private/public keys and such, I just use OpenSSL, eg:

to encrypt:

openssl bf -in file_to_encrypt -out encrypted_file.bf

to access:

Use OpenSSL to decrypt file with blowfish

openssl bf -d -in file_to_decrypt.bf -out decrypted_file

You'll have to deal with a password prompt, and while you could stash a 
password file and include it for convenience at that point probably 
better to look at using GPG... HIH

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