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Fri Nov 28 07:42:36 CET 2008

On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 8:46 PM, Craig Petty
<fasteliteprogrammer at yahoo.com>wrote:

> I have a hard time understand this error in python 2.6
>  i been try to compile python 2.6 on my fedora 10 and 9 an get the same
> prob here the error
> Failed to find the necessary bits to build these modules:
> _bsddb _curses _curses_panel
> _hashlib _sqlite3 _ssl
> _tkinter bsddb185 bz2
> dbm gdbm readline
> sunaudiodev zlib
> To find the necessary bits, look in setup.py in detect_modules() for the
> module's name.
> i have a hard time find some of the file for devel.Hope someone can help.
You'll need to install the respective libraries before you can build those
python extensions. Keep in mind that you probably don't need ALL of them,
but I'd recommend getting hashlib, ssl, sqlite3, zlib and bz2 at a minimum.
Which packages you need to provide those libraries depends on the system
you're on and I'm not familiar with Fedora, but you can start searching for
similarly named packages. Also, you can take a look at the dependencies for
something that comes with the system, like python 2.5. Installing those
should provide the right libraries to build python 2.6

Cosmin Stejerean
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