[Chicago] encrypting 5gb files?

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Sat Nov 29 07:16:50 CET 2008

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 10:40:39PM -0500, drunkenbatman wrote:
> Well, I actually meant stashing a copy *locally* and feeding it into the  
> script/program/etc so as to avoid the prompt *while encrypting*, not  
> sending it out along with the data -- but again if one needed that  

Heh.  That's a little different.

> Although in all honesty I somehow had it in my head that the person  
> needed a quick & fast way to encrypt their stuff before dumping it on  
> E3, and missed that it was the python list, which I blame on lack of  
> coffee, but still made my message pretty silly, if not quite as silly as  
> you implied. :) Apologies.

I was so taken by the idea of making it easy for the recipient by
sending the key in a file that I... not ran, exactly, hobbled, let's
call it, with that image.  And once the blind safecracker popped into
mind, well, I wasn't thinking about the original context at all, at
all.  :-)

Was this the E3 thread?  I thought that was on the luni list, but
there've been a couple encryption-related discussions just lately...

...and of course you must be careful not to overwrite the bounds of
memory blocks, free a memory block twice, forget to free a memory block,
use a memory block after it's been freed, use memory that you haven't
explicitly allocated, etc.  We C++ programmers have developed tricks
to help us deal with this sort of thing, in much the same way that people
who suffer severe childhood trauma develop psychological mechanisms to
insulate themselves from those experiences.  -- Joseph A. Knapka

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