[Chicago] mobile apps

sheila miguez shekay at pobox.com
Fri Oct 3 16:46:29 CEST 2008

I just discovered http://talking-points.org/ a project to provide
navigable way-points for blind (or sighted) pedestrians. they've
prototyped in Java using a bluetooth stack, I think on a tablet pc.
They'd like to have the project live beyond the life of a semester
project, so need outside life.

Chris did a mobile demo.

Any of you interested in joining the project? They would like to
expand to more mobile devices. I suspect any language that can glue
together and be multiplatform would work (could run in the jvm?
haven't read everyone on their wiki or their source yet (it's on
google code). I only just got on their mailing list yesterday.

I've been interested in doing work on accessible technology,
particularly mobile devices to help people navigate (I hadn't thought
exactly of blind, I was thinking more of people with cognitive
dysfunctions to allow them to be more independent) and was really
excited to discover a project like this that is open. neat.


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