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Allan Spale allan2600 at gmail.com
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My name is Allan and I am interested in learning more about the Chicago
Python users group and where and when your next meeting will occur.

To give you some background about myself...I have been working on an
internet startup for the past year or so in which I am developing an
open-source semantic database system that takes some of the ideas from
Freebase but goes into a somewhat different direction. You can read more
about the system here: http://my-kaleidoscope.org/platform.html. The
datastore I am using is pybsddb (BerkeleyDB module for Python), but the
system was designed in such a way to support any datastore whether it is a
traditional SQL system or something more non-traditional like Amazon S3. I
did a very scaled down demo at the O'Reilly Web 2.0 Expo in New York City a
few weeks ago doing a mashup of the working parts of my database system and
using Twitter as a frontend:
http://en.oreilly.com/webexny2008/public/schedule/detail/5266. I would
invite all of you to take a look at it, but I am having a terrible time
trying to get my code to work on the web server space that I listed (the
demo was a hack of running mostly local and partially on the webserver).

Attending this conference made me realize that I am probably not a good
candidate for funding my startup, but as I look for a job now (any leads
would be appreciated), I still want to develop this system for the Python
community. So, I am also interested in meeting developers who might be
interested in working on this project because my established codebase is
fairly large (about 15000 lines) even without many features being

I look forward to meeting all of you at the next meeting.

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