[Chicago] Job Opening: Digital Solutions Engineer

Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Tue Sep 9 20:16:37 CEST 2008

Hi All:

I am looking for your help in finding a good candidate for this  
position.  If you or someone you know might be a good fit, please send  
a resume with a cover letter and pay requirements to northwest.new.media at gmail.com 

As some of you know, we are a new division (about 1 year old) in a  
much bigger and older (55 years) company. We are on the West Side near  
Central Ave and Grand Ave. A good candidate must have an open mind, do  
whatever it takes to get the job done, and be willing to work  
extremely hard.   Do not miss the opportunity to get in early in our  
successful startup.  Did I mention we use mostly Python?

We currently have only an Entry Level position opening; although; if  
you feel your fill all the requirements below and may be a better fit  
for a Senior Position, please send your resume indicating you would  
like a Senior position.

Thanks, Brian

PS you will get to work directly with me on a daily basis :)  Which  
may or may not be a benefit ;)


Job Title:

   Digital Solutions Engineer

Pay (Entry Level):

  20-30 /hr  with time-and-a-half when working more than 8 hours  
consecutive or on weekends.


  At least 40 hours a week.

Job Description:

   Digital Solutions Engineer is a developmental (25% - 50%) and  
support role (50%-75%). On the development side, this job will require  
programming systems for: e-commerce, web2print, internal workflow,  
database systems, and process automation. They will be responsible for  
implementing features for these systems and may play a role in the  
design of these features. In the support role, this person will be  
responsible for: programming variable data printing templates for  
color, producing customer proofs (signoff) files and output from  
production, managing storefronts for web2print, and managing  
workflow.  The job will occasionally 2-3 times a year, requires travel  
out of state.  The job will require attending both technical and non- 
technical meetings with others inside and outside of the company.

Jobs Goal:

   The goal of the person in the job is to support all ventures of the  
New Media. The person in this role will develop some familiarity with  
with all parts of the systems that support New Media. They will have  
the ability to go in and fix and problems with the system in case of  
an emergency. They will support any task needed to help the forward  
movement of the company.  Moving forward, they will develop their  
knowledge, skill, and teach others. They will become an expert Digital  
Solutions Engineer.

Skills and Education:

    BS in Computer Science
    Preferably 3-5 years work experience in the industry
    Fluency in one or many computer programming languages like: C++,  
SQL, and Python
    Some experience working with Database systems.
    Some experience with the PDF format
    Experience working with version control system like CVS or SVN
    Experience working with debugging tools
    Experience with Desktop Publishing tools like: InDesign, Quark,  
and Photoshop
    Some working knowledge Apple Macintosh (primarily), Unix, and  
Microsoft Windows
    Good verbal and written communication skills
    Ability to stay organized
    Ability to write bug-free programs and meet deadlines
    Ability to multi-task
    Ability to work under stress and timelines without a negative  
    Ability to work with others
    Ability to produce good solid error-free product in a timely fashion
    Ability to help write technical documentation for system design
    Ability to translate technical information into easy to an  
understand to understand format
    Some knowledge (or the ability to learn) Desktop Publishing tools  
and Prepress.

Work expectation:
   Overtime may be required after 5pm or on weekends.  It is also  
expected that the person spends some time off the clock keeping  
educated and learning new things pertaining to the skills and  
knowledge used in the industry or on the job. Vacations will need to  
be coordinated with others in order to ensure full coverage of the  

Interested? Send your resume to northwest.new.media at gmail.com


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