[Chicago] Fwd: ChiPy-announce post from bray at sent.com requires approval

Brad Knowles brad at python.org
Thu Sep 11 00:30:34 CEST 2008

skip at pobox.com wrote:

>     Chris> Guys, I don't have access to this site to approve these emails.
>     Chris> Who does?
> That's supposed to be you. ;-) Brad Knowles set up the chipy-announce
> mailing list and indicated he sent the list particulars to you.  CC'ing
> postmaster so you can Brad can chat about where his mail got lost.  My guess
> is that Gmail's spam filter swallowed it.  I'm a bit disappointed in how
> many false positives I see in my Gmail account.  In my opinion they should
> be using SpamBayes. ;-)

Chris -- you should definitely have gotten the list owner/admin password 
sent to you by e-mail.  Unfortunately, we only keep a few days worth of 
postfix logs, so I have no way to see what the status was of this message, 
beyond what's in the Mailman logs showing that Mailman handed it off to 
postfix successfully.  Even if we had postfix log data going back far 
enough, the only thing I would be able to see is whether or not we did the 
handoff to XS4ALL.NL or if they rejected the message.

With the site admin password, I can always reset the list admin password to 
something specific, and then once you get confirmation that was done then 
you can go in and reset it to something else that only you guys would know.

Tell me if you want me to reset the password for you, and if so then I'll be 
glad to do that.

Brad Knowles <brad at python.org>
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