[Chicago] SkinnyCorp Venue for September?

Jordan Sherer jordan at widefido.com
Thu Sep 11 07:37:54 CEST 2008

> Woah ... I never knew about that.  Nice!  Now they just need one for
> the trains, too, and a location-enabled iPhone app that tells you what
> buses will be arriving soon exactly where you are ... ::keeps
> dreaming::  ^_^

I wonder how hard it would be to write an application like this.  
Something that used the data from ctabustracker.com, would be rather  
simple....I wonder if they expose or will ever expose an API.  
Something as simple as an RSS feed even could get you going in the  
right direction.

Worse case, you could scrape the content straight from the text only  
version. But, I think I saw something against that in their terms of  
use :(

Still, no avail for trains. 

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