[Chicago] Want to work for Imaginary Landscape?

Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at dustycloud.org
Thu Sep 25 23:15:45 CEST 2008

-- (A more formal version of the job posting I made earlier follows:) --

Small fast-growing Web development firm in Chicago is seeking an
experienced Python/Django Programmer to join our development team in
constructing highly usable, professional Web sites and applications.

A good candidate must have:

    * Extensive experience programming with python
    * Extensive experience with SQL
    * Experience on the command line in a Linux (or other Unix-like) OS
    * Have familiarity with one or more web frameworks, such as Django
      Paste/Pylons, Turbogears, or Ruby on Rails.  Django experience

An ideal candidate will also have experience with:

    * Zope Page Templates and Zope (for legacy purposes).
    * Familiarity with web technologies (Apache, DNS, etc.)
    * Knowledge of Paste to maintain existing applications
    * Experience with unit testing

Primary Responsibilities:

  Work with Production Dept. Team to program custom online applications,
  and maintain existing custom applications and product line.

Company background:

  Founded in 1995, Imaginary Landscape is an award-winning web developer
  with a diverse portfolio of clients.  We have built an incredible team
  of knowledgable, experienced and approachable professionals who
  develop long-term relationships with clients.  We combine salary with
  company profit-sharing and 100% company-paid health insurance to
  attract and retain the very brightest who are looking to make a
  difference.  We have deep Python-based roots.  We encourage open
  source projects and support your involvement in the open source
  community, and have hosted a number of ChiPy meetings at our offices.

  You can respond with your cover letter and resume (as PDF, MS Word,
  OpenDocument, HTML or just plain text) to employment at imagescape.com

Christopher Allan Webber <cwebber at dustycloud.org> writes:

> In case you've forgotten, Imaginary Landscape is the place we've held
> our last two meetings, and I'm the guy who really needed a haircut and
> talked about phones at our last meeting.
> Well, I've been offered a job I can't refuse working on Miro fulltime
> for the Participatory Culture Foundation.  But Imaginary Landscape is
> still a great place to work, and I've really enjoyed my time here.  And
> I will say with full honesty that my direct boss, Chris Peters, is an
> awesome person to work with, and the kind of boss that most programmers
> wish they had.
> We've got some interesting history here.  Ian Bicking wrote Paste while
> working here, and recently we've begun transitioning to Django.  It's
> all interesting stuff, and if working fulltime on python web development
> sounds interesting to you, send an email to employment at imagescape.com
> If you have more questions, feel free to ping me on IRC (I'm the guy
> with the lame username of 'paroneayea'), message me on jabber/xmpp at
> paroneayea at jabber.org, or send me an email.  I'll be happy to talk to
> you about the job directly before you apply if you're interested.
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