[Chicago] February Meeting

Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Mon Feb 2 16:33:17 CET 2009

It's that time again...

Who has something interesting to present?  A couple random thoughts:

  * Should we ask Brantley to expand on his lightining talk people  
loved so much.
  * I think It would be nice to have a meeting dedicated to Ian  
Bicking and his contribution to ChiPy/Python in the near future.
  * We need to work in more language features in our meetings
  * What should we be doing concerning PyCon at ChiPy meetings
  * What does the number 42 have to do with Python, anyway?
  * Now we are starting to have more scientists in the crowd, should  
we cater some topics in the scientific realm?
  * We covered Python on Mobile, what about python for pure GIS?
  * What does accessing shared memory have to do with Python and multi- 
core systems, anyway?
  * What do these modules have in common and where do I get: hotshot,  
pickle, optparse, urllib, pdb, inspect, subprocess, array, tempfile,  
  * Topics we have covered in the past that may be worth revisiting:  
testing, packaging python projects, graphing, gui, threads...
  * How do I get the management upstairs to accept Python, or do they  
  * Hey I would switch to Python if it only had ....
  * I never realized Python was embedded in so many places including:   
Games, Text Editors, Database Systems, Wireless, ...
  * Python is about as cool as Lisp for AI programming, because...
  * I fed my dog with Python... and other projects I did with Python  
in my garage.
  * hehe, my kids thinks I taught them how to program computer games  
in Python, when actually I taught them inductive reasoning
  * Gees, if someone would just make the Python docs like the php  
ones, I might switch... and why this will never happen.
  * I wish I had some way to refactor, test and understand some  
obsfucated code.

What about a venue?  I posted the idea on the North Side bar, but got  
no comments.  What other venue options should we consider?

Yes, there are a lot of seeds. But, really we are just looking for  
something you find interesting. Chances are if you find what your  
working on interesting and you want to share, their will be others on  
this list who may find them interesting, as well. Give it a shot.


Brian Ray

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