[Chicago] Python Concurrency Workshop - Chicago

David Beazley d-beazley at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 23 17:03:51 CET 2009

Chipy, please pardon the interruption...

I'd just like to let everyone know about an advanced Python course
that I'm running in Chicago this May.

		     Python Concurrency Workshop
			   May 14-15, 2009
			  Chicago, Illinois

If you have been programming Python for awhile and want to take your
skills up a notch, I think this may be of interest.  Basically, we're
going to take a in-depth look at concurrent programming idioms and
library modules.  Topics will include such things as threads, message
passing, the new multiprocessing library, coroutines, asynchronous
I/O, and other matters with an eye towards writing programs that can
run on multiple CPU cores or clusters.  A big part of the class will
focus on performance characteristics, tradeoffs, and comparisons
between different approaches---material that is often difficult to
come by from reading the manual.  Also, due to the intrinsic
complexity of the topic, a number of other advanced Python topics
may make an appearance for good measure (e.g., decorators, Python 3.0,

More details are available at the above URL.   Also, I'll just mention
that I'm running an "Introduction to Python" class just prior to
this workshop.  That might not be of interest to people on this
list, but if you work with anyone who is trying to get up to speed
with Python, you might pass it along.

Please feel free to contact me with further questions.

Just as aside, it occurs to me that May 14 is the same day as the
usual Chipy meeting.   If there is interest, I might be able to offer
the same space I'm using for this class (in the Chicago loop) as
a venue.   I will have to check if that's possible, but it's just a  


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