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David Beazley's Concurrency Workshop will be held at the Silversmith Hotel at 10 South Wabash Avenue. 

I think this would be an interesting location and we might even get free wifi that works. (I know Sully's had wifi, but with the size of our crowd it got saturated pretty quickly.)

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----- "Carl Karsten" <carl at personnelware.com> wrote:
>> Brian Ray wrote:
>> Sully's is still an option. But, you know how I like to move
>> around.  My fear is that if we get too set in a venue it alienates
>> those who do not like that venue and would prefer somewhere else. That
>> all.
>> Your thoughts?
> Are you sure any such people exist?

I appreciate the variety, though I think beer availability ought to tilt the
scales in favor of a particular venue.

Dave Beazley has offered his teaching venue as a possibility. I think we
should take him up on that, if it's still a possibility.

Btw, I'm tentatively planning to attend his Concurrency workshop. It looks
pretty bad ass.

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