[Chicago] ChiPy Needs your Help!

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon Jan 5 19:49:55 CET 2009

Brian Ray wrote:
>     1)  A presentation more capable than Carl or myself to do an 
> introduction to Py3K.  Is there anyone local (or remote who will travel) 
> willing to present on this very important topic? Any core Python people 
> out there?  It would be great if we can have: overview, examples, and a 
> FAQ section.  This can be sliced and diced anyway we like: between 
> multiple speakers or all at once. I just feel it is our duty to address 
> this topic. If nobody is found I will make due. But, please, help me look.
>     2)  Secondly, Those willing to to quick (15 min) comparisons to  
> Python to any other language. Like I said, the rough list is started. I 
> would really like to get 10 or some, some serious and some not so 
> serious.   There *WILL* be a couple of areas each presenter will need to 
> address.  This should be really fun.

Is this going to be too much material for one meeting?  We've been going 
a little long on presentations, and this one seems more ambitious than most.

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