[Chicago] Follow up link from my Google App Engine presentation

Josh Cronemeyer jcroneme at thoughtworks.com
Thu Jan 8 09:12:25 CET 2009

This is a blatant plug for the GAE project I demoed at the December chipy 
meeting.  I realize It has been a month but the holidays sort of 
sidetracked me.  :) If you recall, the project is a web accessable version 
of your bash history.  I use it to aggregate commands I have issued across 
all the various unix systems I work on.  Commands can be organized with 
tags.  Searched with keywords.  And you can also pull commands from the 
server down to your local bash history file.  This is especially useful if 
you have tags for commonly used tasks becuase it puts the commands you 
want to execute right there in your bash history.

It is still early days, but things are stable and it is useful so I 
thought I would see if anyone was interested in trying it out.  Feedback 
would be appreciated.

The project home page which has installation instructions and other 
pertinent information can be found at http://shellsink.com

Josh Cronemeyer
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